CASTALIA GROUP began its journey in the Northeast Region of Brazil in 2010. Its goal has been to promote various types of business and services, by building up its presence thanks to our expertise in the specific features of the Brazilian emerging society, mainly in all related to business activities. That same experience has led us to understand and overcome all the difficulties deriving from an entrenched bureaucracy which makes rather complex to start up businesses, investments and so on in the region. Hence, we had to acquire the appropriate knowledge to carry out legal, administrative, tax and business-related matters, among others.

It is our own experience and practice what we put at the disposal of any entrepreneur/investor who wants to establish investments and/or business relationships in the Northeast/North of this country, which is a land of opportunities in a myriad of business sectors.

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Our experience in business promotion within the North and Northeast of Brazil as well as our establishment and start-up of enterprises, means that we can advise and accompany any investor who wants to develop business within its early stages in this wide area.
We can search and offer various types of products in the fields of mining, agriculture, agri-food industry, forestry, etc. through our presence and contacts in those different industries. We could also look for buyer clients to introduce products in Brazil.
Through our network of collaborators and specialists in different business sectors, we enjoy the possibility of finding and advising on varying doable investment projects, and with expectations of great economic benefits.
We provide a corporate and commercial infrastructure, in addition to the necessary expertise, to become the key support of any commercial or investment company that wishes to develop business in Brazil.
In case you require some corporate presence in Brazil, our team can sort out and channel all the procedures for the setting up of foreign capital companies, as well as taking care of their legal administration.


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